VEX Robotics Crossbow Construction Set Defend your domain with the VEX Robotics Crossbow Construction Set. Hearken back to the age of the ancient Greeks and Romans, when massive, powerful ballistae were used to penetrate the defenses of opposing cities. Use over 150 pieces to create a hand-powered crossbow launcher that uses the same mechanics as old-school weapons of war to fire off the two included foam darts up to 15'. You can also alternate between the set's handheld and Vex-Wing builds when you want to change things up. Product Highlights Build and operate the crossbow by hand to gain a better grasp on the concept of torsion Fire off the two included foam darts with the hand-powered crank and variable-power release Uses the same mechanics as the ancient Greek and Roman ballista Ratcheting winch is fully functional Can be built in handheld and Vex-Wing models Recommended for ages 14 years and older What's Included VEX Robotics Crossbow Construction Set Two foam darts Feel the rush of commanding your own legion with the VEX

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